Anti corruption and global developmentDints signs up to anti-corruption and global development initiative

As a company committed to doing business in a fair and transparent way, we are a participant in the United Nations Global Compact. This is a policy initiative for businesses who align their operations and strategies with principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

To recognise the 10th anniversary of the anti-corruption principle Dints has added our voice to a call to action for #BizAgainstCorruption. By signing the Call to Action, we are supporting the anti-corruption and global development agenda and asking governments to:

  1. Fully implement and enforce the tenets of the UN Convention against Corruption by strengthening anti-corruption policies, laws and enforcement mechanisms to create a level playing field and incentivise good behavior.
  2. Make a commitment to reduce corruption risks from procurement and contract processes of large-scale projects that are designed to support sustainable development.
  3. Commit to engaging in competitive and transparent procurement processes through public advertising of all Government procurement cases.
  4. Achieve greater transparency in relation to revenues received by Governments from private sector companies.
  5. Support corporate efforts to enhance anti-corruption implementation, corporate governance, innovative collective action, and public-private partnership initiatives.

More about the 10th principle and the United Nations’ work to tackle bribery and corruption can be read on the UN Global Compact website and information on Dints’ participation in the Global Compact can be found on the ‘Our beliefs’ page of this site.