Dints is able to offer access to a wide-range of specialist technicians who are each individual experts on OEM machinery, parts and components. Often employed in the role of technician/trainer, one of our key pre-requisites for our technicians is being able to integrate with the local workforce and adapt to our clients on-site needs.

Dints Specialist Technician Tony with our Madagascan Client’s HME maintenance team

Over the last 6 months, Dints specialist technicians have worked wonders at a prominent Madagascan mining client’s on-site workshop. Both technicians were recruited to fill a skill gap created through a largely untrained, local workforce. In keeping with Dints’ ethical approach to business, our technicians have spent their time training the local workforce on troubleshooting as well as maintenance and repair for a large fleet of haul trucks, dozers, graders and excavators. This training develops local knowledge and skill sets, in turn benefiting the host country’s overall economy and productivity.

Both technicians, Tony and Edenatus, have over a decade each of extensive technical experience and are proud to represent Dints, on-site in Madagascar. Open, honest and responsible, they have worked hard to ensure that the client’s fleet was maintained to the highest standard whilst reducing overall ‘down-time’.

If you are interested in working for Dints as a specialist technician or in other varying roles, please feel free to contact us or submit your CV to jobs@dints.com