Dints delivers open and effective supply chain solutions

Dints’ mission is to deliver open and effective supply chain solutions to the mining and heavy equipment industries globally. Our excellent relationships with manufacturers and logistics providers mean that our products and services are delivered to suit our clients.

There are major issues facing the heavy equipment industries globally, one being a lack of access to a range of manufacturers meaning that operations have to go with what is available and not what is best. Limited financial systems restrict cash flow and reduce company flexibility. This creates barriers to effective business and fractured services that can only look at one aspect of the supply chain rather than the whole.

Dints brings together IT, finance and logistics together with the right processes and people to make the supply chain more open, efficient and cost effective for the sites we serve.

Dints supply chain solutions are underpinned by three core client focused principles:

  • Providing a secure supply chain – multiple manufacturer relationships ensure supply even when demand is high
  • Lowering the total cost of ownership – understanding the total cost of owning an asset, which ultimately lowers the overall cost base as opposed to lower parts prices
  • Delivering uncompromised quality – we focus on our individual clients and build an understanding of their needs instead of giving a one size fits all service

As all of our clients are unique and present different needs and challenges, everything we do is custom developed. Clients can use our supply chain solutions on an individual basis or as part of an integrated package.