Dints is an innovative supply chain provider specialising in integrated solutions for the supply and maintenance of heavy machinery for the mining and construction industries globally. Our aim is to provide our clients with a secure supply, the lowest total cost of ownership for their assets and uncompromised quality.

Strategic Sourcing
and Procurement

Stragegic Sourcing and Procurement

Providing heavy machinery and parts to the mining, construction and quarrying industries globally. Using a secure and managed supply chain reduces the total cost of ownership to make operations more effective.

Supply Chain
and Logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics

High-quality component rebuild and full equipment rebuild reduces the total cost of ownership by making equipment last longer and be more cost effective.

Inventory and
Demand Management

Inventory and Demand Management

The shortage of skills and skilled workers across the heavy equipment value chain often leads to results that don’t meet expectations, a higher total cost of ownership and projects that don’t work to the best possible efficiency.

Structured and
Trade Finance

Structured and Trade Finance

Access to innovative finance solutions is one of the cornerstones of Dints’ value-added service to the improve the supply chain to the mining, quarrying and construction industries globally.