Enabling a sustainable trade ecosystem

Creating a lean and trusted trade ecosystem is at the core of what we do. These commercial exchanges on a single platform enable us to provide the tools and capabilities to track, mitigate and provide visibility into the sustainability of the trading activity. Dints is committed to continued development and investment in creating a more sustainable future for global trade.


We enable your supply chain to be lean and transparent.

Waste reduction

Engine and component rebuilds to extend life and save money. We enable circular economy in your business.


Source from verified suppliers of quality products.

Dints works with a network of partners and OEMs to enable greater visibility, product traceability and recycling within the heavy equipment and parts industry.

Transparency and traceability

Source from verified suppliers

Our network of suppliers are individually verified to ensure genuine and approved alternative parts are supplied.

Procurement visibility

You can track your shipments directly from the source and access a log of events, approvals and confirmations.

Find shipments with lowest carbon footprints

We can optimize your supply chain to reduce your carbon footprint.