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Tailored financing options and robust equipment for modern mining operations.
multi-brand solution

Equipment and parts from the world's leading brands

Drilling Rigs

Advanced penetration abilities for efficient extraction.

Blasthole Drills

Precision engineering for optimized blasting.

Mining Shovels

High-volume earth moving with maximum efficiency.

Haul Trucks

Large-scale, robust hauling capacity.

Wheel Loaders

Superior handling in rugged mining environments.

Rock Breakers

Effective fragmentation of hard materials.

Jaw Crushers

High throughput for ore size reduction.

Belt Conveyors

Streamlined bulk material transport over distances.


Precise and efficient road maintenance in mining areas.

Screening Equipment

Key to material quality and size sorting.

Underground Machines

Specialized for challenging subterranean work.


Robust strength for challenging terrain shaping.

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