Navigating Marine Excellence

Expert financing and premium equipment sales for your maritime and shipbuilding projects.
multi-brand solution

Equipment and parts from the world's leading brands

Outboard Motors

Power and reliability for diverse marine activities.

Navigation Systems

High-tech guidance for maritime safety.


Specifically adapted for harbor and underwater construction tasks.

Deck Cranes

Heavy lifting with precision on open waters.

Marine Engines

Powering vessels with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.


Exploration and research capabilities beneath the surface.

Marine Radars

Crucial for navigation and collision avoidance.

Lifeboats and Rafts

Safety essentials for emergency situations.


Compact yet powerful, essential for precise vessel maneuvering.


Key for loading and unloading heavy cargo at docks.


Ensuring freshwater availability in remote areas.


Key in port maintenance, ensuring navigable waterways and harbor depth.

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